On Buying American

On their first weekend together, they went shopping. Nothing exciting – just to the grocery store. Already she knew that he always drove, but their destination store in her neighborhood had a notoriously overcrowded parking lot. She suggested they take her vehicle – a compact Hyundai hatchback – instead of his bulky luxury SUV. He agreed, […]

On Property

It started with her remote control. Well, no, that wasn’t the start. That was just the first time she said something. In fact, she had noticed immediately how he just made himself at home in her apartment. How could she not? He left a wake of debris everywhere he went – toothpicks, paperclips, business cards, receipts, […]

On Safety

Having progressed through his career from firefighter, to fire marshal, to building safety inspector, the man was obsessed with safety. And not only fire safety – safety in general, including personal security. He tested the smoke detector in her apartment. Always made sure all the doors and windows were locked at night or when leaving. As a driver, […]

On Age

“I’m an ooooooold black man,” he was always saying. She wished he would knock it off; he was only five years older than her, and they were both still in their thirties. Granted, in five months he would turn forty, but still. Joking aside, forty wasn’t ‘old,’ and thirty-nine definitely wasn’t. Whenever he said it, she’d roll […]

On Marriage

The lovers had just met. He didn’t leave her place for several whirlwind days. On day two; he asked her to marry him. “Wwwwhat? No. You barely know me. I barely know you,” she laughed. The idea was absurd. Besides, she had never been the ‘get married’ type. He looked deep into her eyes, his face solemn. “I […]